Prison Ministry

Gene Morgan Prison Ministry Director

Gene Morgan
Prison Ministry Director

Today there are over two million people in America’s prisons and jails. They’re there because they’ve listened to the wrong voices, built their lives on the wrong foundation, and drifted off their God given course. Victory Church believes all of this can change. Jesus himself said He did not come into this world to condemn but to redeem. Our desire is to bring light for the journey into every dark place we can. Will you help us carry that light?

Mondays 7 PM – 8:30 PM           Central County Jail (Bartow)
Thursdays 7 PM – 8:30 PM         South County Jail (Frostproof)
– Two Services: Faith Based Dorm & Victory Dorm
Fridays 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM           Central County Jail (Bartow)

Each service includes, worship, prayer, testimonies, message and altar time. This is the front line of ministry. It’s a high level investment with a high level reward.  The qualifications for service are a passionate love for God, ability to communicate well, and a demonstrated walk of faith. Opportunities are available immediately for volunteers who may feel God’s leading. Filling out the application does not mean you are signing on. You will be able to go alongside to observe while you are making your final decision.

Not comfortable going into the jails? God can still use you to disciple inmates through the mail in our Prison Ministry Discipleship Center here at the Victory Church North campus. Volunteers receive and log in student information and answer sheets, send out the next study guide in the series along with a note of encouragement, and most importantly pray for each inmate/student and their families. We are also looking for mentors who may want to converse back and forth through letters. This you could do from the comfort of your own home.

For questions or more information on how you can explore this avenue of ministry call the church office at (863) 859-6000 and ask for the VictoryCare Department. You may also email to


Click on the Links below to view testimonies from inmates…


Once an inmate has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior they need guidance to learn to live in the new life God has given them. Victory Church offers an excellent correspondent discipleship track.

  • Christian Worker Bible Study Series:  This is an in depth series of studies that are sent and administered by Victory Church volunteers. This option is a more Bible centric study and has up to 30 basic studies and an additional 52 more advanced studies. It is for the student who has a desire to dig a little deeper and invest a little more time.
    How the CWBS program works…

    • The inmate or families of inmates are given enrollment forms or may enroll online. (links above)
    • Inmates may also simply write a letter requesting enrollment if they do not have access to the forms or are located in facilities outside of Polk County, Florida.
    • Victory Church processes the request and mails or hand delivers Bible study lessons to the student, one at a time.
    • The student completes the lessons and returns them to Victory Church for correction. Trained volunteer Instructors correct the lessons and return them to the student along with personal notes of encouragement. There is an average 1-2 week turn-a-round time.
    • The student is awarded a certificate when level one and two are successfully completed

God is using these unique Bible studies, along with Victory’s personal touch, to make a real difference in the Christian growth of these inmate/students.

For questions or more information call the Church office at (863) 859-6000 and
ask for the VictoryCare Department. You may also email to