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Our mission is to help lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating a dynamic environment for authentic worship and effective communication while developing genuine community with each other.

The ministry includes actors, singers, dancers, and the behind-the-scenes teams that take care of the audio, video, lighting, and graphic design needs across both Victory campuses.

Victory’s Production is truly a team effort. Each live production volunteer serves as a vital part of a team to help create an environment where worship and teaching can take place effectively. It takes a large number of people to serve in multiple venues at each campus. Whether you have live production experience, or just have a willingness to learn something new that will allow you to minister to others, we have a place for you to serve.

Creative Arts

Periodic and seasonal opportunities.

Throughout the year, actors, actresses, dancers, designers, artists, builders and other talented people are needed to share their gifts in helping bring the message of God’s word alive.  Sometimes it’s a seasonal production, sometimes, it’s a missions or patriotic parade, other times it’s a short skit to set-up the message. Creative Arts utilizes a team of creative people to help communicate the message of the cross. We are always looking for talented artistic people to lend their special gifts to the Lord for His glory. Call Pastor Glenn at 863-859-6000 Ext. 265, or click here and send us an email, to get involved.

Technical Production Ministry

To get involved with the Technical Production Team, call Peter at 863-859-6000 Ext. 262, or click here and send us an email.

Video Team

Wednesday & Sundays

People who have interest as camera operators, shaders, and directors.

Graphics Operator

Wednesday & Sundays

People who are technically inclined and possess basic computer skills are needed for assisting with graphics, worship lyrics, and video playback.


Wednesday & Sundays

People who are technically inclined and possess basic lighting skills in order to effectively run services.

Special Events Stagehand

Various Dates

People with ability to carry heavy items are needed to assist with load-in, set-up, and load-out of special events i.e. guest artists, muscial dramas, etc.

Audio & Video Duplication


People with organizational and basic computer skills are needed to duplicate audio and video for sale and distribution.

Computer Graphics & Web Maintainance

To get involved with the Computer Graphics & Web Maintainance Team, call Dave at 863-859-6000 Ext. 206, or click here and send us an email.

Graphic Designer

Victory is always looking for people with design skills to help prepare for Sundays & Wednesdays.

Website Maintainance

Do you know WordPress, Dreamweaver, or PHP? We always need people to help keep our many sites up-to-date.


Social Media Guru

If social media (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and the countless others) is your thing, we want you. Spend just a few minutes each day updating our social media for various sites.