Victory Life Classes & Groups

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Sundays 9:30 AM

Clase Biblica En Español
Edificio en la Capilla Chapel
Maestros: Carlos Suárez, Yavet Morales y Héctor Acevedo
El poder de nuestras palabras puede hacer mucho más de lo que imaginamos. Y como Dios puede bendecir su vida a través de las palabras que usted y yo hablamos. Basados en el libro del Pastor Robert Morris “El poder de sus palabras”, estaremos explorando a través de la Biblia cuán importante tienen nuestras palabras. “El temor” cuan importante es y beneficioso es nuestro diario vivir cristiano. Nuestra formación al temor nos puede llevar a una vida fructífera como la falta del temor a una vida de fracaso. Te esperamos a compartir estos y otros temas en tu idioma en español. “Del fruto de la boca del hombre se llenará su vientre; Se saciará del producto de sus labios.” Proverbios 18:20 (RVR 1995)

Faithful Followers
FLC Room 116
Teachers: Paul & Karen Wallace
This class alternates between the study of the New and Old Testament. A discussion format is used, with an emphasis on relating biblical truths to everyday life. Many of the class members are actively involved in different church ministries, outreaches, and missions trips. We also have small groups meeting in members’ homes, which allows for the building and strengthening of relationships. All ages welcome.

Mezzanine Room 4
Teachers: Bobby & Leesha Whitfield
“Walking in the Word” is an exciting class that appeals to all ages; both couples and singles. We use the truth of God’s Word to explore relevant topics facing Christians today. Among these are relationship issues, practical application to Spiritual truths, and answers to everyday problems. Join us as we grow in the Lord and enjoy great fellowship each Sunday morning. All ages welcome.

Living By Faith
Mezzanine Room 5
Teachers: Frank & Sonji Kendrick
Faith is a journey based on the promises of God. Has God said it, and shall He not also perform it? God’s promises are sure, but in order to take possession of His promises, we must first know and receive them, and believe and act on them. This season, our class will walk with the children of Israel, beginning with Abraham, from the Promise to the Passover, from the Red Sea to the Wilderness, and from the Jordan through Jericho. We will discover that our lives take similar paths through Red Seas and Wildernesses. We will cherish the fact that God brings us out, to take us in, while many still die in the wilderness. Do you feel like you’ve got Pharaoh behind you and a Red Sea in front of you? Do you feel like you’ve been wandering around obstacles for 40 years that should have only taken 11 days? Do you feel like, just when things have gotten better, impenetrable walls show up? If so, then come discover how God always leads us to Victory.

Our Christian Heritage
Mezzanine Room 8
Teacher: Dr. Doug & Sandy Roth
We are beginning our next unit on the kings and prophets of Israel and Judah in a comprehensive and chronological Old Testament survey study. Our goal is to help you understand God’s story as it seamlessly reveals His redemption plan and His promised Messiah. We are intentional about discipleship, and have created an atmosphere where discussion and friendships are nurtured and celebrated! All are welcome.

Sundays 10:45 AM

Good News
Teacher: Esther Haas
We have great fellowship, and inspiring discussion, while growing in our faith through Radiant Life studies. This Spring, we will study Ezekiel. Unit 1 study covers from God’s glory to experiencing the Resurrection. In Unit 2, we will study 2 Corinthians. These lessons will cover the new covenant, the Holy Spirit, strength in weakness, and much more. You will discover powerful truths to inspire action in daily life! All ages welcome.

FLC 107
Teachers: Jim Grasse & Bill Davis
We have great fellowship, and inspiring discussion, while growing in our faith through Radiant Life studies. This Spring, we will study Ezekiel. Unit 1 study covers from God’s glory to experiencing the Resurrection. In Unit 2, we will study 2 Corinthians. These lessons will cover the new covenant, the Holy Spirit, strength in weakness, and much more. You will discover powerful truths to inspire action in daily life! All ages welcome.

Prayer Room
Teachers: Mike & Charlotte Fiddelke
If you are looking for a Sunday school class that offers Bible study, lively group discussion, in-home socials, and friendship that moves past the superficial, this may be the class for you. In this session, we will study I Samuel and II Samuel. Our goal is to grow spiritually and make a difference for Christ in our sphere of influence. If you think Bible study is boring, we invite you to visit us, and find out how relevant and exciting God’s Word is. All ages welcome.

Teacher: Richard Cooke
The class will continue our study in Genesis using verse-by-verse exposition and class discussions. Whether you like to enter into lively discussion, or simply like taking it in, you are invited to join us. Good folks and good times every week. All are welcome.

FLC Room 116
Teacher: Dr. Michael VanDoren
Each week, this class offers in-depth Bible instruction, while making everyday life application, along with creative discussion. We also support, encourage, and pray for one another. We stay connected through monthly gatherings, newsletters, emails with updates, and prayer requests. Come join us, as we study the epistles of Peter, James, and John. Peter and John were part of the inner circle of Jesus’ apostles, and James was his brother. If you could sit down and interview 3 of the people who knew Jesus best, what would they tell you? It’s in these epistles. Subjects range from Christology, to everyday, godly living, to the end of the age, and the eschaton. Interesting stuff every Christian should know. All ages welcome!

Mezzanine Room 1
Teacher: Dr. Edgar Lee 
“Old Testament Leaders: The Best & The Worst” is the study theme for our spring quarter. These leaders embody powerful spiritual lessons for us in challenging and changing times! Studying the Bible together, we also nurture the “Fellowship of the Holy Spirit” in warm relationships with each other. Our class includes lively hymns and choruses, praise reports and prayer requests, spirited discussions, weekly email communications, and regular socials. Refreshments, too! Open to all ages.

Mezzanine Room 8 (NEW LOCATION)
Teachers: Larry Dobbs & Dr. Sherrie Nickell-Johnson
We will be equipping you with the life skills necessary to be more effective on life’s journey. You’ll get powerful, Bible based, real-life presentations, providing the essentials to thrive in every area, and every season of life. You’ll also learn the proven people-skills necessary for enjoying more fulfilling relationships…both personal and professional. All are welcome.

Wednesdays 6:30 PM

Foodie 101 “Cuisine” Coast to Coast (NEW)
FLC Kitchen
This 6-week class will focus on fellowship and food from all areas of the country. Each class member will receive a recipe book with instructions. You will experience hands-on applications and tips, along with sharing the dish with one another at the end of each class. Come join us! Class is limited to 30. There is a $10 registration fee. July 11 – New England- Lobster Rolls & Apple Brown Betty. July 18- Down South – Chicken Fried Steak & Peach Cobbler. July 25 – The Midwest – Yankee Goulash & Applesauce Cookies. August 1 – Southwest Fare – Pork Fajitas & Tomato Salsa. August 8 – California Dreaming – Turkey Meatloaf & Apricot Gelatin Salad. August 15 – Pacific Northwest- Chicken-Mushroom Pie & Blueberry Buckle.

Concealed Carry Permit Class (NEW)
Mezzanine Room 8
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is teaching this 4-week class. Class #4 will be off-site, location to be announced in class. We all need to be prepared to safely protect ourselves and others should a crisis arise. You do not need to own, or bring, a weapon to attend. Sign up today. Class fee is $45. Class dates will be July 18 & 25 and August 1 & 8.

The Book of James (NEW)
Prayer Room
Teacher: D’Ann Jirovec
See this book come alive in the historic view of this study for women. Learn how to count it all joy when trials come our way, understand the difference between faith and works, and much more. This will be an exciting study you won’t want to miss. Bring your Bible and notepad.

The Mission of Jesus (NEW)
Mezzanine Room 3
Teacher: Dr. Doug Roth
The Mission of Jesus is part of the film series from That the World May Know. Ray Vander Laan highlights some of the places that we will visit on the Victory missions trip to Israel. In this 5-week study, we are spending time in the region of Galilee, where Jesus revealed the power of God’s kingdom and His role as King.

Homeownership 101 (NEW)
Mezzanine 5
Facilitator: Jason Dobbs
Buying a home can be difficult, stressful, and unpredictable. But, there’s relief in sight, and that comes in the form of becoming educated with the home-buying process. Before you place a bid on your dream home, discover the helpful keys to a successful home-buying experience. Learn why it’s important to be a credit qualified homebuyer and the benefits of obtaining a home inspection. With the right information, and a few intelligent strategies, you can reduce the stress of buying a home.

Mezzanine Room 4 
Facilitators: John Ringleb, Loni Castillo, & Tricia Emigh
Everyone gets angry – whether it is directed inward, or vented on another. An unhealthy approach to anger is harmful to you and your relationships. This support group will work through understanding the difference, and will include regular speakers on sources of anger and paths to healing. This group is good for anyone, as it clarifies our personal boundaries, and the lies we believe about ourselves and others, while focusing on hope and healing in Christ. Registration is $25 and includes all materials.

FIT-4-LIFE – Natural Health Class 
Portable 1
Facilitator: Flora Price
Fit-4-Life is a class that covers natural health topics to keep people focused on looking, and feeling better, through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Teachers: Men’s Leadership Team
In HONORBOUND, you will find fellowship, new friends, support, and encouragement. You also will find men you can rely on for godly counsel who have experienced the difficult challenges you may be going through, and a group of men who will pray with you. Opportunities also exist to join other men for many outreaches in the community.

Mezzanine Room 8
Teachers: Jade Bryant, Rachel McGee, Cherie Sheldon, & Karen Wallace
This spring, we are learning from the study, The Quest, by Beth Moore. The Quest is a challenge to accept the invitation. In this excursion with Jesus, Beth Moore uses questions from Scripture to lead you into intimacy with the One who knows you best. Learn to dig into the Word, to respond to the questions of God, and to bring your questions before Him. Let the crooked punctuation mark be the map that points you into a closer relationship with the Father. We will follow up with Priscilla Shirer’s study, Breathe. Study book is $15.

Location: Mezzanine Room 7
Facilitator: Susan Given 
Whether you have had difficult relationships in the past or present, learn how to relate to the most important people in your life, and how to respond to them with godly wisdom. Focusing on difficult and abusive relationships, this class is designed to bring hope and healing through your walk with Christ. Book is $13.

RECOVERY FOR LIFE (Christian 12 Step Recovery Program) 
Mezzanine Room 1
Facilitator: Libbie Combee
The goal is simple; to confront addiction and recover what’s been lost. Whether you have lost hope, love, a marriage, your freedom, all your money, integrity, character, or any number of other valuables, this group will help you understand what led you to the loss, and how to recover from it through the life-giving power of Jesus Christ. Don’t let life-controlling addictions steal from you any longer. Come and join us as we navigate the path to freedom. Registration is $5 for the workbook. Life Recovery Bibles will not be required, but will be available for purchase at $25.