Victory Life Classes & Groups

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Sundays 9:30 AM

Tclase Biblica En Español
Edificio en la Capilla Chapel
Maestros: Carlos Suárez, Yavet Morales y Héctor Acevedo
El poder de nuestras palabras puede hacer mucho más de lo que imaginamos. Y como Dios puede bendecir su vida a través de las palabras que usted y yo hablamos. Basados en el libro del Pastor Robert Morris “El poder de sus palabras”, estaremos explorando a través de la Biblia cuán importante tienen nuestras palabras. “El temor” cuan importante es y beneficioso es nuestro diario vivir cristiano. Nuestra formación al temor nos puede llevar a una vida fructífera como la falta del temor a una vida de fracaso. Te esperamos a compartir estos y otros temas en tu idioma en español. “Del fruto de la boca del hombre se llenará su vientre; Se saciará del producto de sus labios.” Proverbios 18:20 (RVR 1995)

Couples’ Class
Mezzanine Room 4
Teachers: Bobby & Leesha Whitfield
Our class welcomes couples of all ages, as we study various topics that are relevant in today’s times. Fellowship and prayer are an important part of every class. How does our emotional maturity affect our spiritual maturity? Come and join us, as we unlock the mysteries of God’s word! All couples welcome.

Faithful Followers
FLC Room 116
Teachers: Paul & Karen Wallace
This class alternates between the study of the New Testament and Old Testament. A discussion format is used, with an emphasis on relating Biblical truths to everyday life. Many of the class members are actively involved in different church ministries, outreaches, and missions trips. We also have small groups meeting in members’ homes, which allows for the building and strengthening of relationships. All ages welcome.

Women of Grace
Mezzanine Room 3
Teacher: Tammy Harris
We will be sharing the Bible study, Uninvited. Lysa TerKeurst digs deep into God’s Word to help you explore the roots of rejection, the way other relationships get tainted because of a past rejection, and the truth about what it looks like to live loved. Lysa will take you on a visual journey in the Holy Land to some of the places where people of the Bible such as Hannah, David, and even Jesus, lived and walked. Lysa will help you to enter a place of healing and new perspective, as well as a time for you to go to new places with Jesus, and experience Him like never before. Uninvited reminds us that we are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken—a love that does not reject or uninvite. Study Guide is $10.

Living By Faith
Mezzanine Room 5
Teachers: Frank & Sonji Kendrick
So I am a Christian. Now what? How do I live victoriously? This class covers the fundamentals of living by faith and how it translates into every day action. Whether you are dealing with finances, family, health, business, friendships, or stress and anxiety; there is wisdom in the Word of God for living by faith. This class is open to both singles and couples and is designed to foster fun and open discussion in an interactive learning environment among a diverse group of believers.

Our Christian Heritage
Mezzanine Room 8
Teacher: Dr. Doug & Sandy Roth
We are beginning our next unit (Mt. Sinai, Joshua, and Judges) in a comprehensive and chronological Old Testament survey study. Our goal is to help you understand God’s story as it seamlessly reveals His redemption plan and His promised Messiah. We are intentional about discipleship, and have created an atmosphere where discussion and friendships are nurtured and celebrated! All are welcome.


Sundays 10:45 AM

(NEW) Life Survival Skills
Teachers: Larry Dobbs & Dr. Sherrie Nickell-Johnson
An all-new Sunday Life class providing skills and tools needed for every season of life…from overcoming failure, to handling success, including personal, professional, and relationship skills. Larry & Sherrie are creating powerful, Bible based, real-life application presentations; equipping you to successfully deal with life’s journey. All ages welcome.

(NEW) Nearly/Newly Married Couple’s Class
Mezzanine Room 6
Teachers: Dr. Doug & Sandy Roth
If you have been married less than a year, or if you are getting married in less than a year, this 8-week course is for you! Join us as we explore God’s Word on crucial marital topics such as: love, finances, children, extended family, authority, careers, romance, vision, geography, friends, vacations, communication, spiritual growth, and many more. Dr. and Mrs. Roth have been married for 35 years, and their journey and life stories will illuminate practical applications and experiences that the Bible teaches.

Good News
Teacher: Esther Haas
We have great fellowship, and inspiring discussion, while growing in our faith through Radiant Life studies. This fall, we will be studying The Compassion of Jesus: Luke and The Holy Trinity. To begin, this Unit 1 study approaches the Gospel of Luke in a unique way, focusing on several great accounts illustrating the compassion of Jesus. Unit 2 covers the discussions and opinions about who God is, what He is like, and what He expects of us. With so many points of view—many of them coming from skeptics and unbelievers— it is critical we have a biblical understanding of God through the fundamental doctrine of the Trinity. You will discover powerful truths to inspire action in daily life! All ages welcome.

Miracles of Faith
Portable 1
Teachers: Jim Grasse & Bill Davis
This class provides a free-flowing atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to share and participate with questions and insight, as we learn to apply God’s Word to our everyday lives. This quarter, we will be studying The Compassion of Jesus: Luke, part one and the The Holy Trinity in part two. Luke gives a unique perspective on Jesus’ love, kindness, and miraculous works. We will cover the important doctrine of the Holy Trinity in part 2. These lessons are structured to keep adults interested. Each lesson includes: study text in KJV and NIV, key verse, and additional study ideas for your week. You will discover powerful truths to inspire action in daily life! All ages welcome.

Life in the Word
Prayer Room
Teachers: Mike & Charlotte Fiddelke
If you are looking for a Sunday school class that offers Bible study, lively group discussion, in-home socials, and friendship that moves past the superficial, this may be the class for you. This session, we will study I Samuel and II Samuel. Our goal is to grow spiritually, and make a difference for Christ in our sphere of influence. If you think Bible study is boring, we invite you to visit us, and find out how relevant and exciting God’s Word is. All ages welcome.

Mezzanine Room 8
Teacher: Richard Cooke
The class will continue our study in Genesis using verse by verse exposition and class discussions. Whether you like to enter into lively discussion, or simply like taking it in, you are invited to join us. If you’re looking for fellowship, we also gather periodically at local restaurants following class. Good folks and good times every week. Donuts and coffee, too! We’re at the top of the East hall stairs; first room on the left. It’s worth the climb! All are welcome.

Scriptural Enrichment
FLC Room 116
Teacher: Dr. Michael VanDoren
Each week, this class offers in-depth Bible instruction, while making everyday life application, along with creative discussion. We also support, encourage, and pray for one another. We stay connected through monthly gatherings, newsletters, emails with updates, and prayer requests. Come join us, as we continue our lessons on How To Tell Others About Christ, after which, we will begin studying two interesting, but neglected O. T. books – Esther and Ruth. Learn the backgrounds, interesting events, and implications for today from these fascinating women of God. Be there to “Bless the Lord” and be blessed! All ages welcome!

The WORD for ALL Ages
Mezzanine Room 1
Teacher: Dr. Edgar Lee
“Jesus, the Miracle Worker” is The Word for All Ages fall study theme. What do His miracles say about Jesus, and what is their meaning for people then and now? As we sincerely study the Bible together, we also nurture the “Fellowship of the Holy Spirit” in warm relationships with each other. The class includes lively hymns and choruses, praise reports and prayer requests, spirited discussions, weekly email communications, and regular socials. Refreshments too! Open to all ages.

Wednesdays 6:30 PM

Anger Management
Mezzanine Room 4
Facilitator: John Ringleb
Everyone gets angry – whether it is directed inward, or vented on another. An unhealthy approach to anger is harmful to you and your relationships. This support group will work through understanding the difference, and will include regular speakers on sources of anger and paths to healing. This group is good for anyone, as it clarifies our personal boundaries, and the lies we believe about ourselves and others, while focusing on hope and healing in Christ. Registration is $25 and includes all materials.

Mezzanine Room 4
Facilitators: Todd & Carla Sitte
Divorce hurts – DivorceCare helps. Join with others who are facing the pain of separation and divorce, to find help, support, and hope for your future. You are welcome to come on any week, as each session covers a single topic for healing. Registration is $15, and includes all materials.


Hospitality Suite
Facilitators: Charlotte Fiddelke, Jim McMillan, & Wade Bodiford
GriefShare is a special place for people to interact with others who are also grieving the loss of someone close, led by people who know what you feel. Each session includes a video seminar, discussion, and prayer. As each session is a separate topic for healing, you are welcome to start any week. Registration is $15, and includes all materials.

FIT-4-LIFE Natural Health 
Portable Building 1
Facilitators: Flora Price
Fit-4-Life is a class that covers natural health topics to keep people focused on looking, and feeling better, through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

HonorBound Men’s Class
FLC Room 116
Teachers: Dennis Harrison, Tom Rutherford, Stuart Harrell, Mike Fiddelke, Craig Roth, Troy Smith, & Gary Gunn
In HONORBOUND, you will find fellowship, new friends, support, and encouragement. You also will find men you can rely on for godly counsel who have experienced the difficult challenges you may be going through, and a group of men who will pray with you. Opportunities also exist to join other men for many outreaches in the community.

Ladies’ Bible Study
Mezzanine Room 8 
Teachers: Jade Bryant, Rachel McGee, Cherie Sheldon, & Karen Wallace
This fall, we are excited to start our study with Finding I Am by Lysa TerKeurst. Lysa asks what is the deep cry of your heart? That ache in your soul that keeps you up at night? The prayer you keep repeating? Jesus not only cares about this deep, spiritual wrestling, but He also wants to step in and see you through it. We will explore the ‘I AM’ statements found in the Gospel of John. Study book is $15.

Courageous Manhood
Portable 21
Teachers: Rick Oswalt
Come join us as we begin a new study Going Public With Your Faith: by William Carr Peel and Walt Larimore. We are called to share our faith everywhere we are; at home, at our workplace, everywhere we go, there are opportunities to be an influence for Christ. We often hesitate as we are not sure how to start or what to say. This study will help you share your faith in different ways and different circumstances simply and effectively. You can have an eternal impact one life at a time.

Portable  23 – Meets the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays each month
Leaders: Brian Dick & Dave Hardy
Become the speaker and leader you want to be. Develop your ability to share your testimony or give a message. This Christian-based class will show you how to listen effectively, think on your feet, speak confidently, and learn leadership skills in a safe, encouraging environment.

(NEW) Bible Journaling
Mezzanine 5
Leader: Crystal McLennan
Bible Journaling is an exciting new way to meditate on scripture. Using art, crafting, coloring, or any method you desire, we will be creatively focusing on the Word of God. No artistic skill required. We will be combining this with the devotional “I Am.” To participate, each person needs to buy the Bible Devotion & Journaling Kit – $30 per person from DaySpring. You may go to and look for ‘Illustrated Faith-I Am-devotional kit.