Victory Life Support Groups


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Victory Support Groups

Mezzanine Room 4
Facilitators: John Ringleb, Loni Castillo, & Tricia Emigh
Everyone gets angry – whether it is directed inward, or vented on another. An unhealthy approach to anger is harmful to you and your relationships. This support group will work through understanding the difference, and will include regular speakers on sources of anger and paths to healing. This group is good for anyone, as it clarifies our personal boundaries, and the lies we believe about ourselves and others, while focusing on hope and healing in Christ. Registration is $25 and includes all materials.

Mezzanine Room 2
Facilitators: Todd & Carla Sitte
Divorce hurts – DivorceCare helps. Join with others who are facing the pain of separation and divorce, to find help, support, and hope for your future. You are welcome to come on any week, as each session covers a single topic for healing. Registration is $15 and includes all materials.

Hospitality Suite
Facilitators: Charlotte Fiddelke, Sue Kirth, & Jim McMillan
GriefShare is a special place for people to interact with others who are also grieving the loss of someone close, led by people who know what you feel. Each session includes a video seminar, discussion, and prayer. As each session is a separate topic for healing, you are welcome to start any week. Registration is $15, and includes all materials.

Mezzanine Rooms 4 & 7
This group is for those struggling with sexual struggles, which is prevalent in our culture and the church. The L.I.F.E. Recovery support group program offers
Christ-centered and relationally oriented groups that incorporate spiritual discipline, small group accountability, and ongoing prayer and support for those struggling with sexual brokenness & seeking freedom in Christ.
L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups value confidentiality and maintain an absolute commitment to provide a safe atmosphere for complete honesty and complete acceptance, where members are embraced in an attitude of love and forgiveness from others sharing common struggles. For more information, call (863) 398-7798 or visit

FIT-4-LIFE – Natural Health Class 
Portable 1
Facilitator: Flora Price
Fit-4-Life is a class that covers natural health topics to keep people focused on looking, and feeling better, through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.