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One Day to Feed the World: Thanksgiving Project




• Every day, 925 million children worldwide, are deprived of food, shelter, and clean water.
• Every day, 200 million children worldwide, are STARVING.
• Every day, at least 15,000 children worldwide die of malnutrition – that’s 5.5 million annually.
• Every day, 16.8% of Polk County households live below the poverty level.


For the World: Bring a special offering for our famine relief efforts in countries around the world. We are targeting areas where children are most effected (Consider giving one day’s wages…or more.)

For Lakeland: We are preparing Thanksgiving meal boxes to distribute to inner-city families served by our Dream Center. You can help sponsor a meal by designating a contribution as “Dream Center Thanksgiving,” or by bringing your donation to the Dream Center Table in the North Campus Lobby, or the Information Center at the South Campus. You can choose to sponsor one or more families ($35 per family meal box), or to give towards a side ($10 per side item). Any amount makes a difference!

Or, you can bring some basic items to go in the meal boxes. We will be collecting canned corn, green beans, sweet potato, cream of mushroom, pumpkin pie, macaroni, and stuffing.

You may also give a donation by clicking HERE

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