News at Victory Church

Prayer Cards 2021

  1. Pray for Jennifer’s family – salvation for parents, aunts, uncles, and healing for our nation
  2. Brother has anger management issues - pray for peace
  3. Husband passed away, loneliness, daughter needs a new career - Anne
  4. Salvation for mother-in-law and grandmother – Jessica
  5. Looking for a pet dog – Donna
  6. Family to grow their faith, health, and financial favor – Nona
  7. Home needs to sell quickly
  8. 27-year-old female battling cancer & needs a bone marrow transplant.
  9. Grandfather’s healing, good health, needs home – Jaimee
  10. Family members need to be saved
  11. Elections, people impacted by Covid, Pastor Blackburn
  12. Salvation for Son – Rhonda
  13. First small group meeting, wife’s shoulder needs healing, healing for knee, elections – Joe
  14. Salvation – husband, mom, and two brothers
  15. Family salvation, wisdom for elected officials
  16. Thyroid issues, needs healing, family issues in friend’s life – Sue
  17. Wisdom, marriage issues, family members to be saved
  18. Salvation for son, family issues, safety for son – Pat
  19. Salvation for two sons and other family members – Connie
  20. Healing from cancer, Covid, our nation, financial and home situation – Jack
  21. Better relationship with mom, dad’s health, air conditioning – Mackenzie
  22. Children need stronger faith, personal health and for wife and father ‘s health – Tim
  23. Family members with Covid, pending retirement, protection for family
  24. Family member passed away, Paul not feeling well, Pastor Blackburn healing
  25. Healing from cancer, wisdom for living situation, wisdom for young adult
  26. Peace of mind and a better future
  27. Unspoken request for family, financial favor for business
  28. Family member’s salvation, relocation to Lakeland, better health – Suzanne
  29. Son’s deliverance from meth – Flora
  30. Healing of vocal cords, arthritis, neck problems – Richard
  31. Prodigal daughters, nation, revival for the Church, missionaries
  32. Elections, healing for people battling Covid
  33. Brother needs salvation and healing, sister’s medical issues, personal health, politics – Don
  34. Friend is battling cancer, partial lung removal, salvation for family members
  35. Daughter/dad relationship, family salvation, husband’s sister needs healing
  36. Husband to be healed - battling Alzheimer’s, peace for my life – Robin
  37. Health issues
  38. Lakeland girls’ academy, students to find faith – Cilicia
  39. Church leadership, blessing for family, company issues
  40. Traveling out of country, protection from COVID – Violet
  41. Need to be a better father
  42. Pet issues, better health/diabetes, be more understanding of people
  43. Needs new housing – Vicki
  44. Cousin has a disease and needs a miracle – Angela
  45. Daniel and Jordan (sons) need to develop their faith – parents
  46. Overcome depression, better mental health – Theresa
  47. Family fighting for citizenship
  48. Stomach issues, need better treatment and healing – Pat
  49. Granddaughter needs physical healing - Pat
  50. Favor and health for family household – Justine
  51. People battling Covid, better finances, issues in our nation
  52. Marriage restoration, family salvation, family member to overcome addiction – Mary
  53. Overcome pandemic, love for others, healing for Pastor
  54. Unsaved family members, peace and unity within family, COVID sickness
  55. Mom’s surgery and recovery
  56. Unsaved neighbors and family, pray for our nation
  57. Better marriage, wisdom, and financial favor
  58. Salvation, deliverance from addiction, job for son, wisdom – Gigi
  59. Peace, joy, salvation for son
  60. Brother’s wife is passing away, peace and comfort – Michelle
  61. Son battling with diabetes, family member battling cancer – Michelle
  62. 20 family members need salvation
  63. Daughter and boyfriend need salvation, change living arrangements
  64. Both grandsons struggling in their marriages
  65. Favor in nursing school; find an opportunity to share faith
  66. Pray for our nation; revival for all nations; healing for Pastor and Sharon
  67. Salvation for grandson, wisdom, peace for family
  68. Growth in Royal Rangers, personal growth, family
  69. Pray for our nation
  70. Physical healing
  71. Multiple family members need salvation
  72. Restoration of family marriages
  73. Friend needs to be saved; practicing Buddhism
  74. Family fighting COVID virus
  75. Marriage restoration – Rudy
  76. Mental health, family relationships
  77. Healing for Pastor Blackburn and Sharon
  78. Protection from virus for Annie
  79. Son’s salvation; nephew in jail needs salvation – Kim
  80. Pray for our nation, salvation for children, new job, stop smoking – TL
  81. Husband lost his wife; he and family are grieving – Tim
  82. Salvation for children and family members – Aileen
  83. Daughter needs physical and mental healing
  84. Daughter needs to return to faith – parents
  85. Son is not living for the Lord; needs salvation
  86. Granddaughter, age 23, has a lump in her breast; pray for healing
  87. Wisdom; better parenting of children; favor in the workplace
  88. Sheldon to make decision to follow Christ
  89. Unsaved family, mercy on our nation, friend has cancer – Rose
  90. Unsaved brother, father is fighting cancer – Jim and Terri
  91. Father’s PSA count is too high, protection for daughter who works in healthcare, healthcare workers, son needs a job – Larry
  92. Daughter and husband - pray that they would make decisions to be Christ-followers
  93. Pray for our nation
  94. David needs to be healed from disease, his family is struggling with this situation
  95. Family matters, salvation for neighbors, friend has back issues
  96. Family members salvation, recent birth complications for baby, better health
  97. Children and grandchildren need salvation, pray for revival in nation
  98. Friends salvation, protection for children, deeper faith – Jesse
  99. Grandson’s wife is drifting, practicing New Age, praying for salvation
  100. Son has autism and other son needs a better job – Roberta
  101. Unsaved family members, health, and unity in our nation
  102. Daughter’s fiance’ has cancer, needs wisdom in this situation
  103. Grandson is grieving over grandfather’s death, difficult time adjusting
  104. Multiple health issues with friends and family – physical and mental
  105. Family issues, broken marriage, wisdom for career choice
  106. Marriage needs to be restored, spouse needs wisdom
  107. Asking to be healed of cancer, friends need salvation
  108. Brother is an alcoholic, needs to be delivered - Wilma
  109. Diagnosed with anemia, digestive issues, multiple health issues, healing – Pat
  110. Restoration of eye sight, biopsy for cancer, family members need salvation, friend needs home, wife needs healing in hand and lungs – Ken
  111. Unsaved family members – Jim and Terri
  112. Son needs deliverance from alcoholism, grandchild has mental challenges – Cindy
  113. Sister has COVID pray for healing – Linda
  114. Family marriages need to be restored, family member struggling with gender identity, serious neck surgery for cousin – Carla
  115. Physical healing – Mark
  116. Children need salvation, physical healing for self, filled with Holy Spirit – Bob
  117. Salvation for grandson – Charlotte
  118. Daughter fighting cancer – needs to be healed – Charlotte
  119. Maddy – struggling with gender identity and has autism – family is unsaved; pray they come to Christ and Maddy will be changed by the power of Jesus’ love
  120. Brother has been given 3-6 weeks to live, cancer, believing for a miracle – Dennis
  121. Better health for everyone in the family and healing of daughter’s cancer – Mike
  122. Depression and health – Susie
  123. Godly spouse and Christ-centered relationship – Jeanne
  124. Financial burdens of newlyweds – Jenna & Christopher
  125. God’s will and favor in the lives of children – Lorna
  126. Woman in a toxic relationship; partner struggling with addiction
  127. COVID and politics causing division in family – Isabelle
  128. In need of a double lung transplant – Scott
  129. Daughter, Allison – being tested for MS – Jane
  130. Healing for a marriage and a husband struggling with addiction
  131. Bronchitis – Pam
  132. Bronchitis – Carol
  133. Brother, Jim, struggling with cancer – Pam
  134. Successful completion of flight school and a certified flight instructor position – Matt
  135. Brother-in-law, Greg, needs a heart transplant immediately. Currently in hospital fighting infection – Dana
  136. Family and friends that need salvation: Jocely, Emily, Andrea, Web, Martha, Jennifer, Amanda, David C., Layla, Bev, Ryan, David F., and Christine – Ally
  137. Marriage and Finances – Ally
  138. Desire to draw nearer to God, and to desire Him more than the things of this world – Lynne
  139. Masses found in body; doctors believe it is lymphoma – Shelley
  140. Favor in providing a home for our family – Donnie
  141. Healing from PTSD and salvation – Denise
  142. Salvation and breakthrough of bondage and strongholds for our nieces and nephews – Bill & Pat
  143. New teaching position and a renewed purpose – Tia
  144. Miracle healing from cancer – Peggy
  145. Salvation of the men in prison and for the team ministering to them
  146. Brother with cancer – Carol
  147. Mother and son are battling COVID
  148. Loved one facing brain surgery January 6 and peace for his girls – Chris
  149. Healing – Deborah
  150. Continued prayer for so many in our church family battling COVID
  151. Provision for home and job – Betty
  152. Unsaved family members
  153. Provision of a car
  154. Nephew to stay drug free
  155. Son to find a good fit for law school
  156. Daughter to make wise decisions
  157. Protection and favor for family
  158. Weight loss
  159. Family discord
  160. Meaning and purpose during retirement
  161. Salvation of family members – Sandy
  162. Nation – The President and Christian rights and freedom
  163. Complete healing in body – Lourdes
  164. Friend diagnosed with brain tumor – Nancy
  165. Brother, Tim battling COVID – Dave
  166. Niece, Danielle, dealing with kidney failure and a wayward son – Kathy
  167. Father that is in constant pain
  168. Husband to be healed of kidney problems
  169. Pregnancy to be full term and healthy baby
  170. Family dealing with abuse and addiction
  171. Daughter’s mental health and son’s future plans
  172. Daughter, Nina, spine problems – Israel
  173. Cancer – Tammy
  174. Family to stay united – Jerry & Erika
  175. Salvation and safety – Tracy
  176. Daughter, Libby, struggling with depression and self-harming – Quincy & Lindsay
  177. Wisdom, unity and God’s peace in family
  178. Two children living homosexual lifestyles
  179. Salvation for children and peace going through divorce – Rudy
  180. Wisdom and provision for a car – Ira
  181. Restored marriage – Solange & Jaime
  182. Granddaughter, Kayleigh – remove confusion regarding gender – Tim
  183. Michelle who lost son a year ago
  184. Father’s health – Lindsey
  185. Husband to come to church – Lindsey
  186. Mark’s healing as he completes treatment – Nita
  187. Revival in our country – Nita
  188. Family to be healed and son to be restored – Lisa
  189. Family to return to Christ – Pamela
  190. Provision and guidance going into the new year – Zhallana
  191. Healing in stomach; mortgage appointment and provision for car and job – Kim
  192. Salvation for sister and brother-in-law; sale of home and purchase of new home; grandchildren – Wade & Jane
  193. Spine surgery on January 6 – Patricia
  194. Camil has COVID – Nancy
  195. Leah, Matt, and baby; protection and salvation – Nancy
  196. Stephanie delivered twins early; babies okay, but, mother has preeclampsia and is fighting for her life
  197. Healing for friends and family with COVID – Cindy
  198. Kevin, alcoholic, needs deliverance; Mark, needs salvation – Cindy
  199. Josh – alcoholic – needs deliverance that will stick this time
  200. Esther Malys – admitted to the hospital with a brain tumor; pray it is not malignant - Sarah
  201. Grandmother of Corey & Britteny – in the hospital with COVID; seriously ill
  202. Open doors of ministry – Norine
  203. Guidance for where to live; Florida is one option; pray for peace and direction- Ivette G
  204. Continued guidance, growth and wisdom for vision of ministry & salvation for son, Stephen – Keira
  205. Salvation for many family members and friends; godly spouse for daughter; to improve her own marriage and self-care/health; our country; step-mom, Pam, very lonely and depressed due to leg amputations – Darlene
  206. Prosperous, successful business, wisdom, growth and breakthrough – Barbara
  207. Finances, godly wisdom, godly friends, repentance, spiritual gifts & calling, to bear good fruit, and faith to believe all things are possible with God
  208. Sarah, Dawn, Steve, David, Heidi, Michaela, Lexie, Corey, Nancy, Carole, Gwen – salvation
  209. To daily hear crystal-clear direction from the Holy Spirit for God’s plans for life, career door to open that is aligned with degree, son and daughter-in-law to totally commit to Jesus
  210. To tackle most difficult nursing semester with confidence and no anxiety; to be the best nurse possible – Alexandra
  211. Marriage healing & restoration & physical healing for Eddie after car accident – Theresa and Eddie
  212. Son & family to accept God’s grace; husband to attend church with wife consistently; USA needs God back in our country – Cinda
  213. Sons, Philip and Scott, and their families, to make decisions for Christ – Sylvia
  214. Wisdom to make the proper decision for relief from knee pain – Ron W
  215. Gene, 82 year old who lives in Puerto Rico and watches Victory Church online, at times; pray that he makes a decision to accept Jesus
  216. Barbara – healing in marriage; doesn’t attend church and uses unhealthy ways to cope with her anxiety; pray that she and her husband both come to Christ
  217. Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to come to Christ: Phyllis, Braden, Cheryl, Lindy, Kristen, Chelsea, Madison, Griffin, Mac, Tabb, Lucy, Amelia, Sam, Arya, Alyssa, Jasmine, Sabrina, Jameson, Eli, and Calli
  218. Brother – Max, having esophagus surgery on January 13 for condition brought on by liver cancer (he is 72 years old); for nephew’s wife, Tanya, having heart surgery on January 13; Tanya is 38 years old and the mother of 3 children
  219. Max – success at college; Margaux – balance between athletics and academics; Peter – to gain a complete team that functions as one; self to be more intentional in relationships – Angela
  220. Wisdom in treatment and relief from arthritis pain for husband - Richard – Sylvia
  221. For the Lord to guide my heart for His will and purpose; vision for family, healing for wife, Debra; to have a wonderful testimony in our marriage and life together; to love the Lord more and to be more grateful – John
  222. Healing for Pastor Blackburn’s COVID; Dave, Dan, Tim, Elaine, Mary, April, Sharon, Joe Clarence, Bobby, Billy, Jessica, Adam, Mike, Marcie, Lauren, Hannah, Irv, Chuck, and Kathy to be saved - Tom
  223. Erin – single mother of two children with special needs; she does not have good job performance and has been warned about it at work; pray that the Lord will help her and meet her spiritual, physical, and financial needs - Gigi
  224. Andrew – deliverance from addictions and a lifestyle that is destroying him. Pray that he will come to Christ and have a life that will glorify the Lord – Gigi
  225. Clare – to open the eyes of her heart and be drawn by the Holy Spirit to accept the gift of salvation – Valerie
  226. Salvation for family members and for children and grandchildren to have lives of flourishing faith – Ron & Cheri
  227. Donna Browne’s brother Donnie needs prayer – Paula
  228. Kelly Edmonds – complete healing of breast cancer – Ron & Cheri
  229. Serious commitment to the Lord this year, for a job, to feel the forgiveness of sins; for wisdom and direction for every decision that needs to be made; to love the Lord totally, to break addictions, health for self and parents – John
  230. Wisdom and protection for Vice President Pence during disputed electoral votes
  231. End of COVID in America and around the world
  232. To live closer to the Lord – Britteny
  233. For the Lord to change the hearts of friends with problems and issues – Ricardo
  234. God’s will for my life, family salvation, a closer walk with the Lord, and revival of the church
  235. Healing from back & neck pain, family salvation, God’s leading for our professional lives – Ivonete and Sander
  236. Healing for son and daughter-in-law and release from addiction; Holy Spirit conviction for son, Andrew, who has walked away from the Lord – Victoria
  237. Pray for the Lord to help us with favor on a refinance request we made at the bank, which will change our financial situation in a major way – JoAnna
  238. Protection and a genuine encounter with the Lord for my two children who are 22 and 18
  239. Rob Ray – has a possible hernia; if confirmed, surgery may be necessary, which will delay his start of cancer treatment; pray for healing so he can begin treatment at MD Anderson in Texas next Thursday; needs strength and healing; pray for wife, Teena, also.
  240. Missionary Janie Wead-Mobley's son-in-law, Aaron needs a miracle healing from cancer. The 10 lb. tumor is restricting eating and drinking
  241. Martha – having surgery on January 11 for kidney removal
  242. Miracle needed to restore relationship between son and his dad. They both need an experience with the Lord, as well
  243. Healing for a broken relationship between a daughter and her family and her mother
  244. Healing for Frank with COVID. Son, Justin, also is being tested. Family was all together for Christmas and one of Justin’s sisters-in-law has an auto immune disease and they are praying she didn’t contract it, as well
  245. Missionary to El Salvador, Steve Sobey, scheduled to return to the field this week but travel has been delayed as Steve contracted COVID. Pray for healing
  246. Direction needed for how to deal with a family situation; asking for God’s wisdom
  247. Tony, Linda, Marci, Mark, Sarah – salvation of family members (JoAnne)
  248. Focus needed for purpose that the Lord has; to buy a home this year; health of parents; for the Lord to help me find someone to marry this year; to keep a job to be able to help people in need; to love the Lord with all my heart – Wanda R
  249. For a flight to the Philippines, healing for Pastor, help with our national elections, and an end to COVID – Marian
  250. God to work on my husband and family; heal Pastor Blackburn; to reach all lost people; God’s leading for our government, our world, and Victory Church; upcoming surgery as a cancer survivor; for Shannon and family to come back to church; for Heather and family to come back to church; deliverance for Tonya who is on drugs; for Debbie, Tommy, Nancy and family, who need the Lord
  251. For Pastor Blackburn’s healing; for Chet who needs to draw closer to the Lord; family decision to buy a new home this year; for our nation and all of the government leadership
  252. Prayer of protection, physical and spiritual for family; wisdom over business and finance decisions; June S – recovery from liver cancer; Wanda S – recovery from stroke; healing for Pastor Blackburn, and healing for our nation
  253. Healing for Sharon Blackburn – diagnosed with COVID
  254. Karen Wallace – diagnosed with COVID (Paul & Karen are quarantined)
  255. Healing and financial favor for Ellis, who has diabetes, is homeless and blind; pray that medication he needs will be available
  256. Salvation for husband, Hector, healing for self, closeness in marriage, and salvation for children, Kevin, Jeanette, Mark, and Jonathan – Sandra
  257. Salvation for son, Daniel, and his girlfriend. Pray that they decide to marry, as his girlfriend is pregnant. Pray for a healthy baby and that their family draws close to the Lord
  258. Healing for Pastor Blackburn, healing and ability to walk again for sister-in-law, Sue, as she has had a stroke; sons, Don and Jason, and their children, to turn their lives back to the Lord
  259. For God’s wisdom in finances and to remain or leave a present relationship – Tia
  260. Mary Brown – three tumors and complications after operation; son struggling with alcoholism; for wisdom to care for children and grandchildren, as daughter, Brittany has a drug addiction; for Brittany to be saved and leave friends with negative influence on her - Ricardo
  261. Brother & family’s salvation; direction for children and their lives (to follow after the Lord); direction for grandchildren; guidance from the Lord will be made clear; hunger and thirst for the Lord to increase in us; healing for our nation; for us to return to the Lord and experience revival
  262. Healing of a heart condition, which I have been believing for healing for a very long time; success for son who is returning to school after being away for a few years
  263. Alice, Mark, Joe, Buffy, Kayla, Shannon, Brad – some of the frontline healthcare workers who need protection from the virus and wisdom and endurance to keep going strong through the pandemic
  264. Health for Marissa’s pregnancy and delivery (due date is 1.25.21); son, Jacob – God's direction in his life and future life partner; neighborhood ministry – Gabriele
  265. Lynne – healing from double vision; Chery – pleurisy – needs healing from the Lord; Rick – bitter towards God – pray that his heart is healed and he is drawn back to the Lord
  266. Relationships with family
  267. Man wants to develop his faith, needs a positive mental attitude
  268. Our nation needs to heal, co-worker is have issues with pregnancy, unsaved family members
  269. Peace for our nation, assurance that God hears our prayers
  270. Unsaved children, Pastor’s health – healing from Covid
  271. Adult children need to make a decision to follow Christ
  272. Relationships in my family are falling apart. We need patience to solve it. My relationship with the Lord has been shaky lately. I need a closer walk
  273. Business is going under, need God’s favor, 18 employees depend on our company
  274. VCA – protection from Covid
  275. Inmate in jail suffering from depression, asking for prayer, and hope for situation
  276. Better health, self control, and protection for family – Damien
  277. Niece and boyfriend need to be saved, manage past hurts in her life
  278. Anxiety and anger management issues – Elba
  279. Son needs salvation and overcome addictions, other family members to be saved – Becky
  280. Personal peace and financial favor – Destiney
  281. Neck surgery, family salvation, marriage issues, friend has cancer – Jammie
  282. Pray for our nation, stronger faith, safe travels, unsaved family – Darlene
  283. Grandson has heart issues – pray for healing
  284. Cousin, Gwen, has a medical condition that there is no cure for and she is very faithful to her church and to people in need. Pray for her to find healing in the Lord – Angela M
  285. Sister is getting a pacemaker, quick recovery - Ron
  286. Daughters who live in S Carolina – pray for wonderful Christian friends & protection; seven-year-old - wisdom for us to deal with behavior; complications with diabetes; protection over mother who is 86 (nearing 87 years old); for sister, Julie, long term recovery from brain infection – she just wants some normalcy in her life – Carlsons
  287. Brother to do better in school, family needs to find home – Victoria
  288. Prayer is to be restored to family – Austin
  289. Cousin’s recovery from Covid – Jane
  290. Protection from sickness and unspoken request
  291. Children to connect with church
  292. Peace for our nation
  293. Son is fighting Covid, currently in ICU, pray for healing
  294. Restoration of marriage, healing from past hurts
  295. Stop living in fear of getting Covid, peace in our nation
  296. Unsaved family members, pray for my husband
  297. God’s wisdom on becoming kidney donor
  298. New job, relationship issues, mom and sister to be saved, peace for our nation
  299. Stronger faith, walk with boldness – Bob
  300. Daughter on drugs, granddaughter struggles with gender identity, grandkids salvation
  301. Parents recovery from Covid
  302. I want to dedicate an intimate time of prayer with the Lord and stop being so busy. Pray that I can use my spiritual gifs, continue to be faithful with tithes, wisdom for finances, commitment to fast more often, for the Lord to bless my future union with the person I just got engaged to
  303. Alyssa’s complete healing from lesions on her brain, a house for Alyssa, Franky & children; favor in finances for Becky; family’s salvation; all of my loved ones to come to Christ; God’s direction and strength for Candy and children, as they struggle through a tough time of divorce - Santiago and Rosa
  304. Robbie’s salvation and healing; Donnie’s salvation and healing; Don’s healing; Mirisa’s healing; Thomas’ healing & salvation; Nancy’s healing; Pat’s healing; & Melvin’s – healing
  305. Crystal battling ulcerative colitis, complete healing – John
  306. Salvation for family members; growth to stand firm in Good’s path by prayer an in His word daily; that nothing or no one separates me from God; healing of gastritis, LPR, and reflux for me and my son; For eldest son to be freed and healing of anxiety; that he will seek the Lord and filled with His peace; for a healthy grandbaby who will be born this year; for the Lord to provide for me and my family through good jobs
  307. Prayer for husband’s blood valves to continue to improve (PTL for already seeing improvement) after 3 years of sliding in the wrong way (some critical valves are still only operating at ½ proper function); God’s sovereignty and guidance for our single mom/daughter’s search for a better paying job as a school social worker; that the Lord will soften the hearts of our 3 grandsons towards the love of the Lord - Beth & Jim
  308. My cousin, Carol – eye surgery (previous surgery didn’t go well) - pray that she is able to see after this procedure; my cousin Tyler, and his girlfriend, have COVID; my cousin Ann – relief from pain in her legs and her body and the ability to keep going strong - Nancy
  309. Glenn H – healing, as the doctors say they can do nothing more for his eyes and it is now too painful to read, work, or even enjoy life; also healing for Glenn from the side effects of a stroke three years ago. Glenn has a difficult time remembering things and has neck and head pain – Nancy
  310. Pray for neighbors that the Lord has placed in my life as a mission field. Especially pray for Anna, whom I have invited to church often over the years, and she always says, “yes, but, not now.” Pray she will come to Christ and will be a shining witness to others in our neighborhood – Nancy
  311. Continued prayer for complete healing of leg from recent surgery – Nancy
  312. Jessica – pain and other symptoms – COVID negative but still suffering. Pray that she will find a Christian friend who can accompany her to church when her job allows – Nancy
  313. Leah – she and her husband are in to Satanic worship – pray that they come to know the Lord and feel his love; pray protection over their 5-month-old child - Nancy
  314. Karen tested positive with Covid; she and husband at home recovering
  315. Rob – possible hernia, waiting for cancer treatment
  316. Deborah in hospital undergoing tests, pray for healing
  317. Aaron suffering with 10 pound tumor, pray for healing
  318. Salvation for Bryce – Ginnie
  319. Better housing for granddaughter – Ginnie
  320. Adult children and grandchildren need salvation – Ginnie
  321. Joshua – young adult diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer
  322. Grandmother passed away, peace for family – Crystal
  323. Bo - in ICU, pray for healing – Karla
  324. Pray for healing, hematoma and phlebitis – Martha
  325. Alicia’s parents – out of work, need jobs, pray for finances and employment – Ashley
  326. Tom currently in hospital with Covid, pray for healing – Jerrilyn
  327. Kay battling Covid, healing – Norm
  328. Mandy – tumor removed a year ago, having dizzy spells, needs healing – Deb
  329. Charles admitted to hospital with Covid, suffers with A-fib, pray for healing – Barb
  330. Judy having knee replacement; pray for surgery and recovery – Glenn
  331. Friends in Michigan fighting COVID – Martha
  332. Bob – in hospital with blood infection; pray for healing and treatment – Sandy
  333. Patricia – having lumbar/spine surgery; pray for healing
  334. New home for a family - Betty
  335. My grandmother, with COVID, needs a miracle – Corey and Britteny
  336. Daughter making a decision regarding colleges
  337. Jean Grimm – hospitalized for lymphoma treatment; had an allergic reaction and is on a ventilator; critical but stable – Joyce Albanese’s Aunt
  338. Clive is on peritoneal dialysis and was released home yesterday eve. He has a long road to recovery, but, for now, he is stable. Family asks for continued support in prayer – Liz
  339. Liz – fell and injured her knee. Pray for healing and peace as this is the second injury to the same knee
  340. Restoration of family relationship.
  341. Jean Royer, mother of David (Wanda) Royer passed away early this morning. Please pray for peace for the family
  342. Justin, Frank, and Debbie Bollinger (Missouri). Frank has been hospitalized with COVID, wife, Debbie, was discharged last evening, and sent home with pneumonia, and Justin, their son, tested positive for COVID. Justin is the husband of Emily (Barks) Bollinger, niece of Joyce Albanese.
  343. Lisa Coscia – having knee surgery today at LRMC.
  344. John Ehler – father of Dr. Alan Ehler – here in FL for consult for options to knee replacement. Seeing a specialist in Tampa on Monday. Pray for wisdom, healing, and relief from pain. Also, his wife, Gayle, is struggling with tiredness after COVID bout and increased challenges from dementia.
  345. Grayson, great nephew of Dulcinea Walsh – showing signs of COVID. His brother, Levi, is recovering from COVID - Dulcinea
  346. Caroline Walsh is taking one month of radiation and needs strength, peace, and calm during treatments. - Dulcinea
  347. Dulcinea and Caroline are anxious about whether or not to take the COVID vaccine – pray for peace. - Dulcinea
  348. George, surgery was postponed due to risk of bleeding, now waiting on results from MRI
  349. Danny, Butch, Gus, Susie, Nina, Rodger, John and wife, Ralph & his family, Diane, Candie, Janice and her family, and cousins – all will come to know the Lord as their Savior
  350. For the Lord to send someone in their life to end loneliness
  351. Nanette – debilitating back pain; Tauna – tested for MS – has a husband and 3 children
  352. Favor for job application as PTA in Greystone Healthcare in Lake Gibson Health Facility – Susan
  353. That the Lord will direct Susan and husband for a place to worship the Lord and serve Him
  354. Strength for marriage, possible new job for husband, financial provision, salvation of a loved one – Alexis
  355. Son and wife to return to the Lord and begin to attend church again; favor with sale of home, God’s guidance in purchasing property
  356. Healing of 33 years of a chronic cough; closer walk with the Lord
  357. Direction, favor, and miracle deliverance
  358. For son, Joseph, to come back to the Lord
  359. Larry Black – needs back surgery to remove and replace metal; family needs God’s wisdom for surgery option – Sylvia
  360. Proper employment and God’s strength for sobriety and recovery - Jennifer
  361. Olivia – 6-year-old in St. Jude’s with cancer; she desperately needs a miracle
  362. Colton – was baptized at Victory and now needs to be saved and rescued from a horrible hardship he is facing. Pray that he will call out to the Lord for help
  363. Mike – contemplating suicide; favor with jail and prison ministry; property and condo to sell; safety, favor, blessing, and employment for family members; protection for grandchildren; favor in small group ministry, America – freedom from deception, fear, and lies of the enemy – Robbie
  364. Shaken faith due to grandfather’s passing; strength for husband who began a new business and pandemic has challenged finances, multiple behavioral problems with children; feelings of loneliness and overwhelming circumstances. Pray that the Lord will give me someone to share my needs who will believe with me for victory – Adrienne
  365. Friends (a couple) battling COVID; sister having a colonoscopy 1/11; for sister who lost husband; she needs the Lord’s help with estate process
  366. Thomas – have no one in life and now having to serve a prison sentence; has served country and now feels very alone. Pray that the Lord will help with hopeless feeling and will bring someone in his life, too
  367. Delvin – that the Lord will soften the heart of ex-wife and that the family will be kinder
  368. Phillip – help to remain humble and serve the Lord with security in Him alone; that the Lord will give me a heart to love and care for others unconditionally
  369. Sally Green – needs the Lord’s healing in both legs – Herbert (son)
  370. Cary – wife just died of colon cancer; they have 3 children, 2 of which are under 10; Stephanie – constant battle with thoughts; Brandi – in a relationship with a man who constantly is unfaithful and disrespectful to her- Dustin
  371. Bobby – mother's well-being; court motion to reverse conviction; fellow inmates to come to know the truth of Jesus as Lord and Savior
  372. Richard – now that I have surrendered my will to the Lord, pray that I will keep doing that; I want Him to lead me in everything I do
  373. For the nation and our world to turn to Jesus’ for an end to the pandemic; for protection for families and loved ones
  374. Blessings on Hester family; Jessica, Jason, Jackie, Leah, Tracey, and grandchildren; salvation and to draw closer to the Lord (Joseph, Tom, Jeff and families)
  375. Three kids to accept Christ – Jose & Jean
  376. Son to return to his faith – remove bitterness
  377. God’s favor in business
  378. To become a better steward of God’s blessings
  379. Praying for my families health and safety
  380. Ministry for kids – foster care, runaways, troubled youth
  381. Needs a place to live and for transportation
  382. Needs to connect with the right people to develop business
  383. Finishing school and working on PMP certifications
  384. Business certification to become a certified title agent
  385. Favor in the court system
  386. Back pay from 2012
  387. Daughter is struggling with gender identity, issues with former husband
  388. Salvation for daughter, healing for husband’s shoulder, friend battling cancer
  389. Salvation for kids and grandkids
  390. Physical healing – sinus and coughing for over a year – before Covid
  391. Blood sugar levels, new home, friend who is in prison
  392. Pray for our nation
  393. Specific prayer regarding new home and amenities
  394. Husband needs a miracle – cancer and epilepsy
  395. Friend in Indiana has Covid – needs a miracle
  396. Favor with adopting a baby – Ben & Beth
  397. Former father in law battling cancer
  398. Serious menopause issues – praying this will come to an end
  399. Single mom battling breast cancer and she is worried for the welfare of her children
  400. John needs a miracle currently in a coma and family needs to make a decision regarding his health
  401. Sister in law is battling addiction to alcohol
  402. Making a career change – asking for wisdom – Christine
  403. Salvation for eight grandchildren
  404. Praying for peace in our nation
  405. Son and daughter need to be saved
  406. Need guidance in my life
  407. New job opportunities & find a better home – Dakota and Tiffany
  408. Peace in our nation, friend who is battling cancer
  409. Victory over Covid and favor as a single parent
  410. Needs help in school and to be obedient to parents
  411. Reconciliation of family relationships
  412. Son in law needs a job
  413. Better job – Melissa
  414. My daughter is autistic – would like to have a better life
  415. Looking for a godly husband
  416. Opportunities to serve in the community and better transportation
  417. Kayla a 32 year old mom moved to hospice – needs healing and for the welfare of two young children
  418. Cousin’s vision, family members need to be saved
  419. Wife with physical issues
  420. Joe, a friend with COVID
  421. A son’s business adventures
  422. Grandson to pass his state test
  423. Ken, recovering from a stroke – Mary & Rob
  424. Help to quit smoking
  425. Michelle is homeless and looking for a home to be able to go back to work since she works at home
  426. COVID recovery - Melvin and Patty
  427. Wife watching her husband with dementia – needs grace and patience as she deals with loneliness.
  428. Sister’s health, Michael’s cancer, David’s neuromuscular disease, widow friends, peace in the nation, salvation for family members – Judy
  429. Sister and brother-in-law dealing with a strain in their relationship – Sandy
  430. Alcohol abuse – Jose
  431. Our son as he goes to court – Rob and Mary
  432. Unsaved family members, family to gain strength after COVID, daughter’s that are at odds with each other – Arlene
  433. Becky, dealing with kidney failure – Brad
  434. Missy, hospitalized with COVID. Her mother passed last night due to complications with heart and COVID. Her son and father passed last year.
  435. Breathing issues – Melvin
  436. Nerve damaged hand
  437. Irregular blood pressure
  438. Feet to be healed – Gary
  439. Grandson’s job – Gary and Janice
  440. Lump in body – Janice
  441. Salvation of family and wife that needs healing in her back
  442. For people not to live in fear of COVID
  443. Family members, Raymond, Amy, Laura, Angela, Lisa, Brandi, Karla
  444. Barbara, sister suffering from cancer – Linda
  445. Roy, mass found on his liver
  446. Salvation for son and daughter, grandchildren and sister – Aileen
  447. Courtney, sister and young mother dealing with substance abuse, to find Christ – Shannon
  448. Graham, nephew’s father to stop using heroin. Rebecca, his mother to receive peace. Manni, father with anger issues – Shannon
  449. Brittany B. to become pregnant – Kim
  450. Mary, toddler with persistent cough & swollen left eye
  451. Strength and patience for a marriage to heal
  452. Husband dealing with his wife’s abuse and infidelities. Needs healing to become the father he desires
  453. Healing and growth in our marriage, the opportunity to serve through Victory and our daughter to find a home at VCA, for more of our family to join us in church, and for God to bless us with another child – Brandon & Rebekah
  454. Wedding plans for May; sister have a healthy pregnancy – Jenna
  455. Wedding to go well in May; for mother to find a home – Nathaniel
  456. Family in financial trouble, three children with MS – Suzi
  457. Greg, laid off from job in Arizona
  458. Two sons that have walked away from the Lord
  459. Son’s upcoming surgery and spouses health
  460. Greg, addiction – Jennifer
  461. Daughter dealing with depression and eating disorder. Son needs guidance - Lorna
  462. Missionaries Zach & Carrie – pray that doors, which have been closed due to COVID, will open so they may return to mission field in Europe.
  463. Martha – healing and recovery from surgery today
  464. Jean – miracle healing from tumor on lung and lymphoma disease
  465. George – current condition requires critical cancer surgery but previous diagnosis of excessive bleeding has postponed needed surgery
  466. An anonymous missionary couple is applying for a business visa so they may return to China and remain there as working residents. Pray for visas to be granted; they have begun (remotely, due to COVID) a secular business, which will demonstrate integrity and concern for the Chinese in the community, but, it must maintain a profit to be allowed to continue. Pray that it does make a profit and benefits the employees (some with special needs) and the community, and provides an opportunity to share Christ.
  467. Jeanette – both she and her husband need miracle healing
  468. Judy - scheduled for knee surgery on Jan. 20
  469. Teena’s sister, who has MS, has now been hospitalized with COVID; her father-in-law had a fall and was taken to the ER for stitches; pray for healing for both
  470. George – scheduled for surgery today; cancer has been confirmed in his hip; he will have a partial hip replacement; George and his wife, Nancy, are not believers; pray for healing and for both George and Nancy to come to Christ
  471. Someone experiencing stomach pain and discomfort; pray for healing
  472. Ryan – missionary asking for God's wisdom and favor in scheduling 2021 missionary ministry events. The ministry revolves around connecting with others in a variety of formats, but COVID is making that very difficult; the missionaries they work with all are facing huge challenges in the face of the pandemic, yet the work of building God's Church moves forward. Please pray for strength, endurance, and supernatural progress as the work moves forward.
  473. Missionaries in Antigua ask prayer for their family and New Life Church; for God’s favor and financial provision to purchase land (currently meeting in a tent that needs much repair), and for the critic need of many more volunteer teams and full-time workers
  474. Latin America Southern Cone missionary leaders ask for the Lord’s provision and favor for a permanent place for church meetings and offices for the church in Las Condes, Chile, as their landlords ended their current lease; for more teams of workers in Manaus, Brazil and the development of training centers for the unreached people groups of the Amazon basin; for new missionaries and church planters in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile; for missionaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Sao Paulo, Brazil, to start an English-speaking international church; wisdom as they lead the missionaries and pastors of this region and also strength and anointing to pastor two churches in Santiago, Chile, and for them to remain healthy through the pandemic.
  475. College students want to complete school and find jobs
  476. Janine – cut finger & spent four hours in a hospital for stitches and x-rays to check on tendon injury; husband is very anxious about COVID since he has underlying health concerns and she was exposed to so many ill people at the hospital. Pray that her finger heals quickly and that she was not exposed/contracts the virus
  477. Pray that my adult son will renew his relationship with God, find a job he loves, and a godly helpmate to love him
  478. Randy Herring - Missionary returning to Honduras this week for the first time since the recent hurricanes in November. Pray that their ministry site, and many homes of the families they reach, were spared, and that they are able to assess the damage, and have God’s wisdom for recovery plans.
  479. Clive was returned to ICU yesterday. He needs a kidney transplant, and is also having some issues with CHF. They are looking for a match within the family. He is currently doing hemodialysis. Please keep him in prayer again. Clive knows the Lord. He is 62.
  480. Family to return to church – Pat
  481. Coworker and family members dealing with COVID; son with kidney issues – Brenda
  482. Granddaughter, in remission from brain cancer, needs to regain lost skills – Rhonda
  483. Help me to remember, I am a Christian first and an American second – Rhonda
  484. Restoration of marriage and strength to let go of past hurts
  485. Larry, rushed to hospital with COVID. Wife, Pam has it also.
  486. Dr. Ellis and wife, dealing with COVID
  487. Ralph and Jean, COVID
  488. Salvation for husband and family
  489. To become debt free
  490. Favor in my business in 2021
  491. For family to be used by the Holy Spirit
  492. Nancy, arthritis is destroying her joints and ability to walk
  493. Neighbor, Rich is in the hospital with COVID
  494. Grandson, Nathan to return to his walk with the Lord
  495. Brother, John who recently had heart surgery and also has COVID and COPD; also, his salvation
  496. Praying for a part time virtual medical job; brother, Eddie needs deliverance; family members need salvation; daughter needs a Godly friend
  497. Son, Chad, recovery from alcohol and drug addiction
  498. Salvation and job for son, Aaron
  499. Brother needs healing from COVID
  500. Brother to be able to complete the paperwork necessary to come to this country from Malaysia; women in the dorm at Bartow Jail to overcome addictions and live Godly lives – Norine
  501. Success in my writing and for it to be published – Dena
  502. Financial breakthrough and provision for a place to live – Dena
  503. Son, William was exposed to COVID – Roberta
  504. Family business; marriage; Michael who just lost his mother; direction for Jacob; family to accept a recently discovered brother – Tom
  505. A mobile home park that has recently had a case of COVID. Pray it does not spread.
  506. Ken – facing prostate surgery
  507. Eric, waiting for a bed to open at the University of Michigan; dealing with blood cancer
  508. Pete & Amy - Chi Alpha Missionaries to VA are in a season where they sense Spiritual Warfare, so they are thankful to know that Victory is praying for them now.
  509. Missionaries Sam & Nicole ask prayer for their son, Axel, who is experiencing seizures and the medication he needs has serious side effects. Also, he has been on multiple rounds of antibiotics for a stubborn ear infection.
  510. Missionaries Pat & Brenda ask prayer for their adult son who has COVID and is showing serious symptoms. Pray for complete healing.
  511. VISTE (Volunteers in Service to the Elderly) - could use extra help delivering no-touch meals to frail elderly in the community. Pray for additional volunteers.
  512. Healing for an aunt who had surgery, was sent home, and now returned to the hospital with fever and infection.
  513. Healing from multiple health challenges that seem to be a spiritual attack.
  514. Restoration for a family’s fractured relationship.
  515. Crystal – needs a healing touch.
  516. Renee, who just lost her mom, was told by her cousin on her father’s side that their son (40 yrs. old) was just told he has end stage cancer. Please pray for Tony Leo, Jr. He is not a believer.
  517. Relationship with boys; financial stability, home, career – Jaimee
  518. Confidence and favor to pass my ELC assessments – Dana
  519. Unsaved loved ones and self-control – Arlene
  520. Sister that is going through a divorce after 56 years of marriage
  521. Unsaved loved ones
  522. Major decisions coming up
  523. Revival at Polk Correctional Institution
  524. A marriage that is struggling; finances; job
  525. Unity in the church
  526. Pending court date
  527. Cousin that is making major decisions regarding mother with dementia
  528. Matthew, praying for direction regarding singing
  529. Salvation for husband and children; my arthritis – Sandy
  530. For my health – Daissy
  531. Stella to stay in remission; relationship with brothers; COVID patients and calm my father’s fear of COVID – Rhonda
  532. Jeff, son-in-law, between ministry assignments and seeking God’s will for next mission; JoAnna, daughter dealing with severe back pain; Great-granddaughter, Rory, born without a left hand; Godly direction as I transition to retirement; for God to sustain and protect President Trump; for Christians around the world to find courage in their faith – Charlie
  533. Prayer for all my family members – JoAnne
  534. Granddaughter, Tina, let go from job because of COVID
  535. Ashley, battling cancer
  536. Bond with my children; financial stability and a home – Jaimee
  537. Healing for my body. Growing weary of my pain.
  538. Praise Report – John, a man recently in ICU because of seizures is now home – Victoria
  539. Brother-in-law, Alexander in LRMC – Agnes
  540. Son, Riley to grow in faith and his relationship with Christ. My marriage and to grow closer to my husband again; niece, Hannah favor with home and transportation – Cheryl
  541. Missionaries Phil & Liliane - daughter Kaylee (10 yrs. old) is suffering from ear and jaw pain, and, so far, a dentist, an urgent care doctor, and the doctor in ER do not know what is causing the pain. She has not responded to any of the pain meds given her, either over the counter or prescription.
  542. Miracle healing needed and faith to believe for it
  543. Travis & Keri – missionaries in the Middle East asking for stamina, favor, and wisdom as they reach the people of their country for Jesus.
  544. Karen – needs the Lord’s help for a desperate family rift.
  545. Salvation of family members and relational reconciliation