Sunday Series

Join us Sundays in December for a special three-part Christmas series discovering the greatest gift of all that was given at the first Christmas - the gift of a Savior! Before you unwrap the presents under the tree this year, be sure to capture some of the most important moments found in the Gospels.

Get Connected

Whether you’re new to church, or have been a Christian for a while, you’re welcome here! Victory is a place to experience a growing connection to God and a healthy community of people. We have two locations in Lakeland, as well as multiple opportunities for all ages to connect during the week.

Salvation Army Volunteers

Every year Victory partners with the Salvation Army to raise money that provides food, clothing, and toys for needy families in our area. Last year you helped to raise over $20,000 by ringing the bell at local stores. And, with the challenges of 2020, we know we need to raise even more this year.

There are over 500 one-hour slots to choose from, so if you and your family will sign up for one, or even two hours this Christmas season, we can easily fill each opening and bless thousands of families!

To reserve your times, click the button and then enter a group keyword based on where you would like to volunteer.

  • To volunteer at the Walmart on 98 North, enter the keyword "victorynorth."
  • To volunteer at the Walmart in Mulberry, enter the keyword "victorysouth."